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Plastic Food Tray Manufacturers

Plastic Food Tray Manufacturers

CJK Thermoforming differentiates itself from other plastic food tray manufacturers through its award-winning engineering team with decades of thermoforming and package engineering experience. We help companies in a diverse range of industries design and manufacture custom thermoformed plastic solutions offering lowest cost to market, design improvement for existing projects, or designs for new projects.

About Us

Since 1993, CJK has been a trusted provider of custom thermoforming solutions. We can fulfill a variety of scopes of work ranging from low and high volume production, to inventory management and just-in-time (JIT) programs. Our package engineering experts are dedicated to solving your problems and exceeding your expectations using the latest CAD solid modeling technologies.

Additionally, we will also partner with the development of your product to provide complete project management from initial design to prototype to on-time delivery of finished products. In all aspects of your operation, our staff and processes are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to make your products better, faster, and more cost effective. We continuously review our policies and procedures to ensure their effectiveness, value and efficiency for our clients.

What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming is used as a manufacturing process to heat a plastic material to a temperature where it can be shaped in a mold. After the form has hardened, it is trimmed to finish the product.


Cover Peice Heavy Gauge Thermoforming


For prototypes or samples, a smaller machine can be used to stretch small heated plastic sheets to a mold by use of a vacuum. In batch runs, larger machines handle the process of heating, shaping, and trimming which allows for continuous high-speed production. The advantages of thermoforming include low cost and fast turnaround times, lending itself to be a great choice for developing prototypes. It also serves higher volume production by offering the ability to make in-production product changes or improvements.

Custom Food Trays

Custom plastic trays (custom use trays) can be thermoformed in endless sizes, designs, and materials to serve any need in the food and retail markets. They can be a thin gauge, single use, recyclable tray or made of a heavier gauge and reused over and over. We offer food safe barrier materials for modified atmosphere, specific material and flange designs for lidding and automated sealing, as well as product design to maximize security, or enhance brand and label presentation.


Thermoformed Food Packaging


CJK specializes in building trays made from food safe, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable materials that meet food industry safety standards (EVOH barrier film, freezer to microwave, FDA recycled, and recyclable materials). When we work with our clients in the development of Custom Plastic Trays, our design engineering process focuses on the following key features and benefits:

  • Low costs for tray design and tooling.
  • Customized design details to handle customer product and process functional criteria. Considerations for positioning, retention and protection of product as applicable.
  • Appealing display and branding of the product as applicable.
  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Maximization of product density within the tray for lower storage and shipping costs where applicable.
  • Ergonomic considerations for:
    • Clients product and package assembly -manual or automatic. Ease of assembly for increased efficiency and reduced cost.
    • Consumer appeal and ease of use to enhance customer satisfaction, brand preference and repeat purchases of the product.
  • Nestability of tray prior to use to minimize storage space requirements and costs.
  • De-nestability of trays for ease of separation and efficiency in assembly.
  • Text/engraving of corporate logos, part numbers, desired text, resin ID codes, etc. for identification and branding.
  • Snap-fit features to contain products or keep them from moving to prevent breakage.


Tray size, type and amount of material used, reusability and recyclability at end of use all have a direct impact on costs.


Markets typically used for Custom Use Trays include:
PETE, HDPE, PP, HIPS, Co-Ex HIPS, PVC, PETG, ABS, Kydex and others. Recycled, Virgin, blends, FDA Grade, and Medical grades available.

Clear, black, white and custom colors are available. Various textures such as smooth, matte, gloss, hair cell, etc.


Custom Plastic Trays are often used in the following Markets: Consumer retail products, medical, food, electronics and industrial.

Partner with CJK Thermoforming

We are here to help our customers create the perfect solution for their products. If you are ready to develop a plastic food tray or other food packaging solution customized to your needs, request a quote from us today.

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