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FDA Certified | Recyclable | Sustainable | Economical

At CJK Packaging, we’re dedicated to helping you create cost effective packaging that truly represents the freshness, quality, and safety of your product.


We know that your product is the heart of your business—and the way you design it to look and present your brand is integral to its success. We design all our packaging in-house and work directly with the client to create the look and functionality you require.


We understand that packaging is cost, and it not only has to look good it must be cost-effective to meet your business needs. We offer free evaluations of your current packaging for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


We use 100% Recyclable and Sustainable FDA-certified materials for all our produce and food packaging. Positive closing features and tamper-evident designs ensure food is safe and protected during its journey and on the Grocer’s shelves.


We use only FDA-certified materials that are Fully Recyclable and fully Sustainable. CJK Operates state-of-the-art equipment that drastically reduces waste, and we grind and recycle all that waste, returning it to film manufacturers who reuse it back in the sustainable supply.

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